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2023 TEAAS Archive

Video of Presentations

Martin Lewison opening remarks
TEAAS 2024 Keynote: The Growth of ‘Immersive’ in Themed Experiences
TEAAS 2024 Keynote: “Our Cartoon City Upon a Hill: Why Disney Theme Parks Matter in America”
Digital Twins in Themed Entertainment
Boiler Gold Rush to Excellence – A Dark Ride Educational Experience
Developing a Design Solution which Improves Interactive, Gamified Technologies
How to Create Believable Illusions in Live Entertainment
Dimensional Fear: The Presence of Narrative in Theme Park Halloween Event Haunted Houses
Nostalgia Can’t Be Forgotten: Nostalgia in Theme Parks
Light Art: Art & Entertainment in the Early Twentieth Century
Why Every College Should Offer an Interdisciplinary Elective About Themed Entertainment